In today's world you don't have to be Einstein
to know that nearly every business relies on a computer.
But are you using software that has been
specially designed for the vending operator?


Our award-winning software is aimed at all vending operators, from the start-up one-man-band to multi-site operations with huge machine parks.

Vendman can deliver cost savings of up to 40% in the first year and all our software is customisable, based on a period of consultancy and investigation prior to the ‘go live’.

Vendman SeQueL Vending Software

e3 LIVE2

E3 Live2 was added to the unrivalled vendman family of products in 2011.

Using the latest in communication technologies, e3 LIVE2 enables Operators, Engineers, Warehouse and Accounts Personnel to receive, input, analyse and react to real time information as it happens!

Vendman e3


The service management system for the vending industry.

Developed by the team responsible for SeQueL, Vendassist is a dedicated computer system designed to ensure your engineers deliver the most efficient vending service to your clients. From enquiry logging to automatic invoicing, Vendassist is your ideal solution.

Vendman e3


In the busy world of vending, managers and employees at all levels never have enough time to think. Wouldn't it be great to eliminate daily concerns by receiving unique alerts and reports when a situation requires your attention?

Vendman is the answer! Take a look at the menu, (below) and you’ll appreciate that Vendman can assist managers from any vending discipline, from operations to service - even finance!

Vendman SeQueL Vending Software


Welcome to the days of £1.45 per litre of diesel, 20% VAT and constantly escalating raw material and operating costs.

Vendman Route Optimisation couples live operative data with new logistics software, enabling the best possible journey management.

Vendman e3


Machine To Machine puts you in control of cash, stock and vends; and because the system is Internet based, you can access the information you need online anywhere, anytime.

Machine to Machine is the answer; it can assist managers from any vending discipline, from operations to service - even finance!