1993 Vendman Dos, 1998 Vendman for Windows,
2004 Vendman e3, 2013, SeQueL – THE JOURNEY CONTINUES...


Our award-winning software is aimed at all vending operators, from the start-up one-man-band to multi-national operations with huge machine parks.

SeQuel is the fourth evolution of our award winning vending management software. For over 20 years we have been developing and refining our products using a wealth of experience and knowledge of the vending industry. Our software has been recognised as the industry standard since its launch in 1993.

SeQueL can deliver cost savings of up to 40% in the first year and all our software is customisable, based on a period of consultancy and investigation prior to the ‘go live’; this involves:

  • Site visits
  • Full documentation
  • The development of a training programme with user guides
  • Importation of existing data
  • On site assistance
Vendman SeQueL Vending Software
Vendman can deliver cost savings of up to 40% in the first year and all our software is customisable...
dedicated client manager


Your contract with Vendman provides access to a dedicated Client Manager and specialist Project Managers for the full term, which includes monthly and quarterly business reviews. You can also expect to receive continous techincal support and assitance from the dedicated Vendman Helpdesk (from 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday).

vendman sequel
vendman sequel
Vendman software can be demonstrated to you on site, at Vendman HQ or on-line, using WebEx tools.


Service level agreement (SLA), set at both contract and site level

Visual service board with graphical iconic design

Automated invoicing to include parts and labour

Real-time updates from your field-based personnel

PPM and water filter scheduling



All new contract management system

Tiered and scalable penalties and bonus
per machine, customer and contract

New graphical whiteboard with drag-and-drop design

Plan-o-gram predictor



Pipeline control of all sales activities

Campaign management by business sector

Integration of prospects to customers

Contractual documents scanned and attached to customer file



Seamless links to Microsoft Office allowing easy extraction of data

Detailed ‘enquiry’ and ‘view’ screens

Automated bank reconciliation with upload of statements

Profit and loss per machine, with true turnover per customer



Comprehensive cash management system with links to coin counters, including; Cummins Allison, De La Rue and Scan Coin

dedicated client manager