The perfect choice for VENDING MANAGERS...


In the busy world of vending, managers and employees at all levels never have enough time to think. Wouldn't it be great to eliminate daily concerns by receiving unique alerts and reports when a situation requires your attention?

Vendman is the answer! Take a look at the menu, (below) and you’ll appreciate that Vendman can assist managers from any vending discipline, from operations to service - even finance!

Modern vending demands Vendman’s ‘instant’ approach to management.
Vendman SeQueL Vending Software
Let Vendman control your operations

Know immediately when a products is running low – replenish before they’re ‘sold out’

Identify operators who have been inactive for a prescribed period of time

Know when a machine hasn’t been cashed up

Let Vendman control your service

Know when machines exceed their SLAs

See those machines requiring service or parts replacement

See when a repeat call is logged for a machine or a customer

Let Vendman control your stock

Receive notice of stock replenishment via email

Be informed when products need to be ordered

Monitor stock levels across your fleet on a daily basis

Alerts – Sample Menu

Operations / Service Manager receives alerts to confirm operators and engineers are where the should be, when they should be.


Finance Manager receives alerts on cash shortages by exception. Any financial irregularities are clearly flagged.


Improve customer service – identify machines that seem to require more visits than should be necessary.


Comprehensive stock-level reports indicate which product lines need to be replenished and which products are over-stocked.


Notification to credit control of clients who have exceeded credit limits and are therefore on ‘stop’.