About Vendman’s ‘Centres of Excellence’

Vendman, based in Greater Manchester in the UK,  was established in 1993, when a partnership was formed with a vending company. Our vision was to develop a fully integrated management system specific to the vending industry, which would help push the industry forward as a whole – promoting innovation and higher standards of professional service. Vendman has grown steadily over the last 10 years and at present we employ over 20 people.

Today we’re proud to count amongst our clients some of the industry’s leading operating companies. We have installed over 90 sites based in the UK as well as Ireland, Sweden and Holland. Every day over 600 computer users, more than 1,000 field based merchants and 250 engineers log on to our system.

We feel that the time is right to create a network of Centres of Excellence nationwide. All our customers have the potential to become Centres of Excellence, by using Vendman technology in a way that maximises accountability and management control.

Centres of Excellence  will welcome prospective Vendman customers in order that they can see for themselves how some of the country’s leading vending operators use Vendman’s industry-leading technology to control their businesses.

For our M.D. Rob Little, Centres of Excellence are the realisation of a business vision that’s been in his mind for several years. ‘When you think of the vending industry you imagine a host of companies all over the country that, basically, do the same things: they service, fill, stock and maintain vending machines’, Rob said. ‘So, you could be forgiven for imagining that they all conduct their business in the same way, but that’s not how it is. Every individual business has its own ways of doing things, systems that work for them; so every single Vendman application out there is bespoke.’

In recent years, we’ve launched a series of branded products, namely E3, Sequel E3 Live (on handheld) and E3 Live 2 that perhaps present an ‘off the shelf’ impression of our services; however, our emphasis remains on technology and innovation aimed at addressing the specific requirements of individual companies. You might say it’s  ‘all things to all men’.

All Vendman Centres of Excellence will demonstrate to potential users the power of ‘Vendman unleashed’ . Rob said: ‘You could explain the features and benefits of Vendman technology to a non-user for a month and that wouldn’t be nearly as effective as allowing them to see it working in the real world for just an hour.’

This blog will celebrate those Vendman customers that are really making the most of the technology to gain unprecedented control over every aspect of their vending businesses. We hope you enjoy the content and we invite you to leave comments.



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